“Coming June 29th”. That is what the sign read 10 years ago. Yet, it quietly passed by with little mention. Call me nostalgic, but June 29th in 2017 may have been Apple’s biggest missed opportunity, besides the January 9th anniversary of its announcement back in 2007, another 10 year mark.

If I could sit down with Tim Cook right now, I would ask him not as an Apple fan, but a businessman, “Why didn’t Apple plan something big for June 29th, create buzz, build hype?” Seems like a missed opportunity if you ask me, but he didn’t. Maybe Apple feels that it’s just not that big of a deal, or maybe it would have been too ambitious to try to release something that couldn't measure up. Or maybe just releasing something in 2017 is good enough.

I would have personally opted for a surprise launch of a new iPhone, not just any iPhone, but a game changer. If you caught my YouTube report last month then you know that I have a source inside Apple that told me that Apple is testing out a fully waterproof and wireless iPhone. That’s a game changer, if it’s true. Well, June 29, 2017 did pass, and we didn't get anything.

Now there is no question that this missed opportunity will not affect Apple financially. But it could have been a great day for Apple financially, and more importantly for Apple fans or iPhone lovers themselves. The mobile industry lacks the ability to surprise anyone these days with leakers, social media, and our impatience. Apple really hasn't surprised us since 2007, though. Maybe it’s because it’s just so damn hard to keep a secret these days.

I really do miss Steve Jobs. He wasn't a people person, but he pushed the boundaries of what is possible through tough management and Type A players only. I think if Steve were alive, then he would have gone for it, maverick style.

Let me be clear, though: I like Tim Cook I think he is doing a fabulous job at Apple. But Steve never missed opportunities. Somehow I think that is missing these days, and not just at Apple. What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

MJ Nale

Creator and Founder