Phonlab main office in Honolulu Hawaii

MJ Nale

Founder & Creator

MJ knew after getting his first smartphone that he wanted to do something in the industry. When Android was released, he really began exploring, tinkering, and repairing any smartphone or tablet he could. He struggled for years to find a variety of information from one source. That's how Phonlab was created. He decided he wanted to make a program that taught everything from the ground up; from setup to becoming a dealer that offers service, plus repairs. He created this program so that you have all of the guides, videos, tools, tips and resources you need to succeed. If you are new here at Phonlab, MJ would like to meet you! Please reach out with an email or even a call. He can be reached at 808-209-4224 or

Tom S (AKA RootJunky)


One of YouTube's most popular channels for Android rooting and hacks. Tom is an Android Expert, and Phonlab Instructor and a long time Android developer. His expertise can be seen in his youtube videos that teach how to root, hack, restore firmware, unlock, install roms and custom recoveries like TWRP, and much more. He enjoys teaching people how to fix their devices and helping them learn new tricks and skills. He also runs two websites and his youtube channel.



He is a middle security researcher who has been working in the Windows Malware Analysis field for five years. In 2015, he began his journey on the IOS and OS X security research with a special interest on the iCloud Activation Mechanism and more recently with Jailbreak and exploit techniques. He is the author of the FCE 365 Firmware Manager Tool. GeoSn0w got involved in the IOS field with IOS 3. He enjoys working on Malware Research, and loves fiddling with IOS, and IOS Security and iPhone Data Protection. In 2016, he caught the attention of Phonlab through extensive research and successful bypasses on iPhone.