Chromebook Support Course

In this course you will learn how to firmware restore Chromebook's along with trouble shoot common problems. It is a fun and simple class to take that will help you understand the kind of skills you will gain by joining Phonlab.

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Your Instructor


Tom Or better known as RootJunky on YouTube began his career in Mobile in 2011. "Android was very interesting to me because of the customization that it allowed, and then I found Root!, it was amazing and really my first attempt into hacking something" after that Tom quickly became involved in several forums online while learning and researching everything he could. It was then that Tom became interested in how Android security worked on all of the popular smartphones out there, and so his journey began. RootJunky has become a brand name online in researching and exploiting vulnarabilities in Android security across the board, he has individually provided FRP removal solutions for stranded users worldwide. In 2016 Tom met MJ Nale the Founder of Phonlab and they agreed that their love of teaching and mobile research should evolve into an online training program. Since that day Phonlab has become the choice of training for shops or enthusiasts with similar interests around the globe. Tom is also an Android Developer and is recognized in assisting in the development of Phonlab Reaper Tools (MotoReaper and GalaxyReaper) along with Geosn0w. As co-owner of Phonlab Tom has a vision of a wide range of professional courses that can benefits those who are interested in the best training available online.

"Brilliant course guys thanks for making this course thanks Tom aka Rootjunky your my inspiration and reason for getting into tech"

- Dane Williamson

"Thanks for having me. Was very useful, especially the sections on root and developer mode."

- Piers Lort-Phillips

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