Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Membership is just $39 per month so you will have access to the school for 30 days. If you are happy with Phonlab make sure you set up auto pay so that you can retain your access to our exclusive content. New and updated Content gets added monthly.. We also have annual tuition that will save you money as well
Do you offer refunds?
Phonlab is an online school therefor we are delivering virtual goods and because of this you have instant access to all of our video guides, files, and solutions, including all of our updated content monthly, If you are unsure whether or not our program is right for you or if we have a course you need please scroll through our curriculum first before you checkout. All chargebacks, requests for refunds, or similar requests will be denied. Phonlab Team
When does the course start and finish?
The learning process never ends at Phonlab. The mobile industry is constantly changing and so our the solutions that you need to perform as a tech. We keep your skills current and up to date. At Phonlab new courses are added monthly and you have access to all of them as long as your enrolled
What makes Phonlab different then the Free forums?
We do the hard stuff? We solve problems for you and share with you the most sought after solutions out there. Forums have lots of Unanswered questions or people who are not willing to share that information.
Are there any hidden costs?

Some of our classes review other vendors and services which may require an additional purchase as well as equipment.

Does Phonlab offer any other Mobile Courses?

Yes, starting in January 2018 we will be offering full developer courses in iOS and Android that will be updated consistently and at the lowest cost anywhere. Each course will offer a Nano Degree in Development once completed.